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    Attorney Search and Legal Recruiting Overview

    Clients rely upon Eolis International Group for top-level attorney searches; we are proven experts in the retainer-based legal search industry. One out of three EOLIS referrals results in an offer.  We also consider hybrid search projects; more limited and economical search engagements and also invite client law firms to list their "opportunistic" searches with us, offering occasional rare finds that are fully "search qualified.

    In addition, we are deeply experienced in candidate vetting for law firm lateral partner acquisitions, law firm mergers, recruitment of chief legal officers, and potential candidates for corporate board seats.

    We meet every candidate and employer, personally and conduct probing discussions with both, as part of our evaluation process of potential mutual suitability.


    Inventor of Legal Search Industry

    EOLIS International Group is committed to taking appropriate responsibility in the referral of candidates to clients and offers employers alternative plans by which to engage our services, depending upon their needs.

    Retainer Searches allocate and guarantee substantial time and attention to development and vetting of candidates (retainer+success fee, expenses)

    Hybrid Searches allocate and guarantee substantial attention for a condensed period of time at a reduced cost of standard retainer search; (reduced retainer).

    Exclusive Searches allocate and guarantee a time block time to identify and refer potential candidates; EOLIS is the client's sole resource (placement fee + expenses).

    Opportunistic Searches: time allocation is discretionary; employers who are responsive to referrals treated as favored nations (contingency fee).

    Legal Recruitment Process is Key

    Effective attorney searches are the product of savvy search specialists with connections to uniquely qualified candidates. The ideal candidate pool reflects more than the ability of a recruiter to make a cold call, and more than the skills of the polished resume writer to submit a CV.

    EOLIS brings to the table more than four decades of interviewing experience that probes below the surface of credentials to ascertain strengths and potential weaknesses that reveal themselves in multiple conversations, obligatory personal meetings prior to referral, and ongoing review of information and data that is relevant to the decision-making process for all parties concerned.