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    Legal Consulting Overview

    Eolis International Group's proprietary database of lawyers and law firms is the foundation on which we have built our legal consulting practice with a continuously expanded and curated database of validated information pertaining to credentials and experience, peer-level reviews, client relations studies, and compensation and other financial data, related to their firms and practices.

    Expert Services

    EOLIS advises clients, courtrooms, and arbitrators on legal marketplace dynamics and industry customs and practices; particularly including compensation matters,  customary and customized recruiter fee arrangments. EOLIS brings to the party 52 years of experience in the legal search and legal consulting industries, including customized research to assist clients in the assessment of challenges, opportunities, and compensation.

    Employment Arrangements

    Employment agreements and departure arrangements, especially between partners and their law firms- come about for many different reasons; EOLIS is well known for its very substantial success in helping parties to reach satisfactory resolutions, privately.

    Wendeen H. Eolis is qualified to act as an expert witness in arbitrations and in state and federal courts. She is also an experienced arbitrator and mediator who has presided over and/or participated in scores of arbitration and mediation matters related to attorney compensation, and legal recruiting fees.

    Attorney Search Consulting Services

    EOLIS advises law firm management committees, search committees, and internal personnel, human resources departments, and recruiting directors on best practices for internal search committees to streamline and expedite searches and protect against controversies with outside recruiters.

    2017 - EOLIS 50th anniversary

    Leader & Special Projects


    • Expansion
    • Consolidation
    • Right-Sizing
    • Reorganization
    • Keeping the Status Quo

    Human Resources Initiatives

    Leaders in law firms, companies, and government agencies, as well as other high profile professional talent rely on EOLIS for innovative human resources initiatives.

    EOLIS works closely with leaders not only to facilitate planned corporate integration and downsizing objectives, but also to accelerate critical personnel initiatives for emergency preparedness planning and disaster recovery operations.

    Recognizing that productivity is a function of competence, cohesiveness, and commitment, EOLIS performs 360 degree evaluations for firms and companies and government agencies with a three pronged goal: enhanced productivity, morale, and profitability.

    For more information about our legal consulting activities: T: (1) 472-4000 or  eolis@eolis.com