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    Vetting Services Overview

    EOLIS's experience in vetting lawyers and law firms spans five decades--reviewing credentials, expertise,  experience,  compensation of lawyers and law firms and client satisfaction.

    Customization Of Vetting  Projects

    We do two types of vetting assignments;  "in-depth vetting assignments " for corporate board director seats and C-Suite roles that specifically direct their efforts to draw qualified candidates from the legal profession, and reference reports in conjunction with searches by law firm hiring/search committees, corporate law departments, C-Suites, and for senior level government appointments.

    Our Vetting Process

    We focus not only on information provided by sources but on the knowledge and possible bias of sources. Our vetting projects focus  significantly on evaluations of corporate board director candidates with JD degrees and lawyers for C-Suite roles. Our vetting services for discerning law firms utilize but go far beyoind LPQs in evaluating partner groups and law firm acquisition/merger prospects to probe chemistry, predictability of practice growth, and attractiveness for firm growth.

    Rules of the Road

    Vetting assignments are based on pre-set parameters mutually agreed between employer and subject and are performed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Vetting services include a review of various material which may include print, broadcast and digital resources, interviews, and a review of relevant material in outside databases in addition to our singular proprietary database. We provide oral reports with the appropriate parties.

    EOLIS provides singular expertise

    EOLIS brings unique vetting expertise to its projects. Using public databases as well as EOLIS' proprietary database of more than 250,000 lawyers and 2,000 law firms, we analyze the credentials, experience, and reputations of law firms and the lawyers who lead the way.

    As pre-eminent relationship counselors, we consider efforts to preserve a collaboration before contemplating any change in counsel.