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    Vetting for BODs/Law Firms & More

    EOLIS's experience in vetting lawyers and law firms spans five decades--reviewing credentials, expertise,  experience,  compensation of lawyers and law firms and client satisfaction.

    We do two types of vetting; references authorized by the subject and "due diligence requests" by a law firm hiring committees, General Counsels  C-Suites and notably, in connection with corporate board seats and senior level government appointments.

    Reference reports are based on pre-set parameters mutually agreed between employer and subject and are performed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Due Diligence Reports include material obtained from Print, broadcast and digital sources, interviews, and a review of relevant material in our proprietary database.

    Our vetting process focuses not only on information provided by sources but on the knowledge and possible bias of sources. Our vetting projects include evaluations of prospective employees, partners, outside counsel and corporate board director candidates with JD degrees

    We provide oral reports in a conference with the appropriate parties.


    Validation is Key

    Key Reference Issues

    • Context of  Relationship
    • Assessment of Competency
    • Interpersonal Skills Demonstrated
    • Proven Personal Character Traits

    Tips to Obtain Valuable Vetting Results

    • Probe with a mix of softball, neutral, and pressing questions
    • Review all social media and "examine" LinkedIn profile
    • Qualify and requalify sources of information, on each and all statements
    • Consider the motivation of the reference source,especially if troubling information
    • Evaluate similarities and differences between your views and the reported consensus.