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    Wendeen Eolis writes frequently on favorite topics--law and business and gaming including a memoir in progress. 

    Business/Law Articles

    It’s All in the Game

    By Wendeen H. Eolis High stakes poker games are no longer the sole province of men. Increasingly, women are playing (“power poker”),the mind-bending game of bets, raises, bluffs and calls, that is sometimes played with cards. It is not that the men who once dominated these tables with iron fists have suddenly turned soft-hearted and […]
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    Fighting over the Bill: Anatomy of a Customized Legal Fee Examination

    By Wendeen H. Eolis The CEO and executive vice president/general counsel of Precious Goods Inc. arrived at my office with two documents from the company’s outside lawyers: a dunning notice for $50,000 and an accompanying letter requesting an additional $50,000 retainer payment for continuing work on the company’s protracted lawsuit with its landlord. The Company already […]
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    Beauty Pageants

    By Wendeen H. Eolis Looking back to a time when a high-stakes beauty contest took aim at a procession of bathing-suited lovelies, the selection of outside counsel was mostly the prerogative of a company’s CEO, and a law firm got the nod mostly through the “old boys network.” Today, the sophisticated company turns to law […]
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    Negotiating the Law Firm’s Engagement Letter Before Saying, “I Do”

    By Wendeen H. Eolis Sitting as the chief judge in a succession of law firm beauty contests, John Wise*, president of a high-profile communications business, listened intently to the pitches for his company’s pressing big-ticket litigation. Sitting with him was Jim Foreman* his newly appointed general counsel. As their legal consultant, I arranged the meetings […]
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    Free Lunches and Other Disbursement Headaches

    By Wendeen H. Eolis Presiding over a workshop for senior business executives and law department officials from around the country, John Prudent* (not his real name), Executive Vice President of a Fortune 500 corporation declares, “No more free lunches for outside lawyers, please.” In the company’s million dollar conference room with artworks to match, Prudent […]
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    Gaming/Poker Articles

    The following articles property of Wendeen H. Eolis, also appeared in Poker Player Newspaper (2004-2015).

    The following articles property of Wendeen H. Eolis, has appeared in Bluff Magazine (2004-2005).