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    JD Career Management Overview

    EOLIS Career Transition Services Division-ACT Services- are designed for individual attorneys with demonstrable accomplishments, leadership experience,  policymaking expertise, and considerable intellectual assets.  ACT4 clients seek to transition from legal and quasi-legal roles to corporate board seats. To qualify for EOLIS board seat search consideration, they must present, credibly, in-depth legal expertise, business judgment, and the temperament necessary to pivot successfully into these roles.

    EOLIS identifies with clients' interests, and goals, and with no hesitation in reaching for the stars.  Our experience in advising lawyers on moving their practices and helping them to move up the ladder in corporate law departments and outward to C-Suite roles, spanned  4+decades --before we took a deep dive into corporate board rooms.

    In 2012 we rolled out a new specialty practice--Corporate Board Attorney Talent Optimization which has since included vetting projects, directorship searches, and career transition services for lawyers seeking corporate board seats.  A bit of beginner's luck landed us a hat trick in rapid order --three done deals  We never turned back.

    EOLIS ACT 4 services are growing at an unprecedented pace --mid pandemic! Email eolis@eolis.com or call 212 .472.4000 for more information.


    EOLIS Helps Lawyers Cross the Bridge to Their  Greatest Aspirations

    EOLIS International Group coaching and transition services are designed for achievers who aspire to play bigger; emphasis is on career optimization-- career reputation management,  negotiation strategies, new/additional revenue streams, and forward-leaning presentation of credentials and experience.

    The Company puts discipline, desire, and determination center stage as the tripartite philosophy that promotes excellence.

    For further information, please contact A. Minster, Director
    Phone: (212) 472-4000
    Email: eolis@eolis.com