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    JD Career Management Overview

    EOLIS Career Transition Services (ACT),  places a high value on collaboration.  Our clients have honed considerable intellectual assets. They recognize that the chief value of their transactions and cases are the lessons learned that allow them to bring more to the party the next time around. And they have endless aspirations for continued growth. EOLIS identifies with their interests and their goals and has no hesitation in reaching for the stars.

    EOLIS' starting point is respect for well-earned confidence in exploring the prospects for success in previously uncharted waters--sometimes within the legal profession, often beyond it. Our experience in advising highly successful lawyers on moving their practices and helping lawyers to move up the ladder in corporate law departments and outward to quasi-legal and C-Suite roles, spanned four decades--before we took a deep dive into corporate board rooms.

    In 2012 Wendeen took the plunge, adding board director searches BOD vetting assignments and attorney career transition services for attorneys interested in corporate board services. She rolled out the new specialty single-handedly with 1 BOD searches, 1 BOD vetting assignments, and one extraordinary individual lawyer interested in serving on a public company board. A bit of beginner's luck landed us a hat trick!  We never turned back; our unique BOD attorney talent specialty--searches/vetting/ACT 4 services--the fastest expanding practice group of EOLIS International Group--mid pandemic!

    Effective ACT collaboration begins with an assessment of the wish list against the backdrop of a thorough review of a lawyer's career arc and a preliminary public profile assessment. EOLIS senior leadership then analyzes relevant research to facilitate initial consultation and collaborative decisions on a suitable Things to Do list which may include among other activities development of biographical materials, presentation pivots, network mapping, employer targeting, etc.; for a customized approach that that reflects carefully developed metrics and proprietary algorithms in our recommendations.

    EOLIS coaching and other career transition services emphasize the development of negotiating expertise designed specifically to enhance success in career goals; transforming more than satisfactory performance into superlative results.

    EOLIS Helps Lawyers Cross the Bridge to Their  Greatest Aspirations

    Wendeen Eolis coaching and transition services are designed for achievers who aspire to play bigger; emphasis is on career optimization-- career reputation management,  negotiation strategies, new/additional revenue streams, and forward-leaning presentation of credentials and experience.

    The Company puts discipline, desire, and determination center stage as the tripartite philosophy that promotes excellence.

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